The Power of Positive Partnerships

I had the privilege to watch true excellence in horsemanship at the Colt Start event in Ft. Worth Texas this past weekend. It was just as Pat promised – beautiful, exciting and educating. It was also tender, thrilling, humorous and enlightening. Thanks Pat for once again blowing us all away and at the same time ….  wanting more. :)

This was my first time volunteering at a Parelli event. What a blast this was, I highly recommend it! I met up with some old friends and made some new ones. One part reunion, one part work, many parts of fun, and truckloads of learning, this past weekend was a great example in the power of positive partnerships. Beginning on Thursday, setup day, the positive impact of teamwork was evident as we all worked together to get the booths and product displays set up and organize the many boxes that arrived on pallet after pallet after pallet. Oh boy! Although they assigned us to an area for the weekend it was common to see each of us jumping in with a big Yes and a big Smile whenever anyone needed an extra hand or two.

Including this happy little guy!


The impact of positive teamwork was powerful and evident as the coliseum was filled with excited & happy attendees, many for whom this was their FIRST Parelli event!





We also had a fascinating Horsenality session with Linda, Lyndsey, Westy & Jazzy! Wow what a super example in contrast… so clear for us to see ….and such a  joy to realize the possibilities of a positive partnership. The highlight was watching Westy practically inhale the bit as he eagerly took it up in his mouth. Wowee! And then Linda blew us away when she indicated her intentions to ride Westy bridleless during the Summit in September. I plan to attend and cannot wait to see that awesome display of harmony.


A heartfelt farewell to Magic as she retires and enters motherhood.


There was not a dry eye in the house when Magic entered the arena for one last public dance with Pat as she begins her latest adventure into motherhood.

Miss Magic we will miss you on tour, but rejoice in your new journey. xoxoxoxo!





The colts were beautiful to watch as they progressed from nervous reactive prey animals to more confident responsive budding partners…. all within only 3 days. Proof that Pat’s principles of Love, Language and Leadership are the keys to a powerful partnership between horse and human. His colt start professionals John, Jake, Berin, Rhett, James, Trevor, Ryan and Kalley (girl power Kalley!) left us speechlessly riveted to our seats as they introduced themselves to the colts and over the course of the next 3 days created beautiful relationships while developing confidence, acceptance, and understanding as the foundations to a true partnership.



And then …. enter the cows!! OK blew our second pair of socks off with that!!! Pat skillfully and lovingly guided his colt start team as needed and encouraged them and us to rejoice in the beauty of a positive start FOR the horse.


The results were magical. In the end, while the colts relaxed at liberty, the colt start team gathered to tell us what each of them learned over the course of the weekend. While they spoke the colts began to surround them and sniff, investigate and nibble them! Tom Dorrance was certainly smiling from above to see the colts display of curiosity. Nothing was ‘knocked out’ of these precious equines. Instead they were given a brilliant, powerful, positive beginning to a beautiful partnership with humans.

For me that was the highlight of the event….. the power of developing positive partnerships….. for horses, humans, teams, audiences….. for all. Oh geez …… where is my Kleenex?

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5 Responses to The Power of Positive Partnerships

  1. Jamie says:

    Your brought tears to my eyes in reliving the event. Love your pics and comments.

  2. Sandy Eis says:

    Yes, tears again. Pat brought Magic out just as I started to eat my breakfast & I rediscovered how difficult it is to eat & cry at the same time. And the ending was amongst the most powerful of statements that could be made. Just beautiful. Not one bead of sweat on those horses. I am wishing the other competitors from RTTH watched this webcast. Thanks Kim.

  3. Susan says:

    I bet it was so amazing, exciting and thrilling to see it all and I agree, just reading what you wrote makes me want more! Nice summary by the way. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jane says:

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for sharing such an awesome post and taking such good photos. It was obviously every bit as good as expected…. loved your descriptions….
    Aren’t we lucky to be part of this programme!!

    PS great website too – had a chnace to look around – hope we get to meet at some stage!

  5. Thank´s for sharing! You are always soo good at summarize what you have observed!

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