Having fun with Spice Girl

We had some sudden lovely weather the other day and I took advantage of it and played with my younger mare Spice. I will bring both Dove & Spice to Reno next month for a clinic with Trevor and Tara Carter so thought I’d better check out where our freestyle was at after a long wet and cold winter.

So here is a short video….. introducing, …drum roll please…. no we need a bigger drum roll because she is….. my Drama Queen, Miss Spice!

It started to rain so we ended before I soaked my camera. It was a very interesting session. We tested various versions of our games to check for any Ya But’s, Oh no’s, and Yes M’ams.

I have a few items to discuss with Miss Spice but overall I was pleased with her change in attitude and willingness to stay present with me. Only 4 weeks to go until Reno!

Next sesson I’ll bring my other helmet and go offroad! LOL

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4 Responses to Having fun with Spice Girl

  1. JMG says:

    What a lovely rounded back she has. You show GREAT savvy!

  2. ~kim says:

    LOL she sure rounded it up this session! She was pretty tame compared to what she can do when she sets her mind to it. I call it Mustang Ballet when she practises her "airs above ground." We spent a solid 35 – 40 minutes on pre-ride checks and she showed me she was done monkeying around. ;) If my helmet wasn't broken, I would have asked for some W/T transitions along the rail.

  3. JMG says:

    What happened to your helmet?!??!

  4. ~kim says:

    I had my helemt attached the the saddle and Cherokee got bothered and gave a few good bucks and a little plastic connector broke. I super glued it but it didn't hold so I cannot tighten it properly. That helmet is now in my "toy box."
    My other helmet was in the trailer at the time I was playing with Spice and I knew if I left her to go get it she'd get all worked up. So we played with the short rail and direct & indirect rein.

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