Full of learning, stretching, testing, and reaching milestones, this past month has been in a word ……. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Which according to Wickipedia roughly translates to “Atoning for educability through delicate beauty.”

After 2 life changing weeks spent at the fabulous Florida Parelli campus, I returned home on my 50th birthday, and began the next chapter in my horsemanship journey. I must admit my head was in the horse clouds and thus the freezing temperatures were quite annoying since all I wanted to do was play with my horses and talk to them about all that I had learned! Come on Mother Nature what were you thinking? I had heard that my family enjoyed pleasant 70 degree weather while my fingers grew numb in Florida and now I come home to more frost? Humph putting on my emotional fitness jacket, I made the best of it and played under the shelters. Wouldn’t you know it but my two mares & I had one of THE BEST sessions with accepting the bit EVER! Not only was Dove lowering her head and taking the bit quietly into her mouth AT LIBERTY but Miss Spice was nibbling and grabbing at it, impatient for her turn. Amazing what a difference two weeks makes …. to my savvy! Thank you Parelli!

So after learning came stretching ….. my attention, time, and energy between my horsemanship and my teachermanship. OK Mother Nature I guess you had a good plan because the cold wet weather was a handy motivator to stay indoors and focus on getting my little duckies in a row preparing for my new role as a 1 Star Junior Parelli Professional Trainee. Oh yea… say that new title 5 times fast! Cool!

Then came the testing phase. My first few students have been my close girlfriends who I can count on to give me the straight scoop, honest feedback and tons of support and encouragement. Yeah for my BFF’s! I had a blast giving them lessons last week. Both have injured horses at the moment so they used my horses and let me tell you that was double the fun for me!

And now to today….. reaching milestones ….. what a pleasant time I had teaching a new student today. Helping her progress one spoonful of information at a time, and then to see her big beautiful white Boulonnais, a french draft horse, with two big ears and soft dreamy eyes from across the arena …. a sign that what just transpired between them was … well magic. Ah friends this is what we all do this for. My heart gave this big sigh and I could feel the love, language and leadership all around us. So as I returned back to my horses this afternoon everything seemed happy & easy. Dove & I had a great session again with biting the cones and playing with our perfect circling game. Then we spent another hour playing with our trailer and in the end she was loading with me sitting on the fender. I am ever so grateful for my little Rockstar Dove. We ended our session with a test drive of our new GoPro Helmet Cam that my husband and son got me for my birthday.


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2 Responses to Reflections

  1. JMG says:

    Oh I want one!!!! At first I thought you were standing up on lovely Dove, but then I saw your shadow LOL -Mounted on TOP of your helmet?!?!?! Oh I want one!!!! At first I thought you were standing up on lovely Dove, but then I saw your shadow LOL – Mounted on TOP of your helmet?!?!?!
    My Favorite Martian!!!!
    How wonderful that Dove (I almost wrote Cici) have her very own place to stop and eat. Now I understand where you are riding when you say you are "on the road".
    And just the perfect song.
    I was telling my husband about our friendship and how we met. And he wanted to know where you lived and how old you are. Hmmm how interesting! Finding out that you are 50 – a great age – was a delight. I just turned 60 on our birthday.

  2. Parelli Central says:

    Well, all I can say and agree is: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
    Best wishes on your new and exciting journey…!!!!!!! :-)

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

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