Fun inflight!

Met a new friend while traveling to Orlando. My new gal pal, Margaret & I are having fun trying to watch TV while on the plane! Of course we would. We were able to watch 3 mins of the comedy Two and A Half Men. And every once in while we holler back to Margie who is sitting behind us! You can imagine all the giggling and carrying one three gals can do on a long flight. ;) Needless to say I don’t think the guy in the window seat is too pleased. I think he’ll be alright though he came equipped with an iPod.

We do have a rather stern, all rules kind of flight attendant, who frankly scares us a little. We may have to wait until we land to get out of our seats. LOL. She has been heard barking at someone that they were in her way.. Oops… Better explain the friendly game to Margaret in case we need to visit the powder room. PNH to the rescue! And then there was the incident when Margie dared to ask for a spoon for her Starbucks oatmeal. Of course she is a fellow Parellli student and used her savvy. She came back with the spoon in the end.

Well friends time to try the TV show thingie again…. It’s a long flight.

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3 Responses to Fun inflight!

  1. Sofie says:

    See you soon :-)

  2. JMG says:

    LBE that you are…making friends wherever you go!

  3. ~kim says:

    Ha ha ha Jaime good one!

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