Good, Better, Best, Never Let it Rest, Get your Good Better and your Better Best!

It’s already two weeks into the new year and I am still planning (ok plotting really) my goals, aspirations, and dreams for 2011. What are my horses and I doing Good…. what can we do to get it Better ……on our way to doing it Best? Now mind you I gave up making “New Year’s Resolutions” long ago, instead I greet the New Year with a blank slate and promptly start making lists all over it. LOL. And I am a serious list maker my friends. I am even prone to buying new stationary and cute little purse books so I can make lists wherever, whenever the opportunity arises. Oh just look at the colorful stuff I found at the supermarket! It even has bling so of course I could not resist putting it in my cart next to the eggs, ortega chiles, vegetable broth and water chestnuts. Uh yeah I had a weird little shopping list yesterday. All the more reason I had room for the diva-like stationary! It is a serious addiction I have… making lists. I think the reason I do it is that I get alot of satisfaction out of crossing the items off! So there you have it….. my confession for the year. Phew glad that is over with, now we can get on to horsemanship goals, aspirations and dreams, the stuff a brand new shiny year is made for.

As I sat down and started writing my horsemanship goals what came out surprised me….. what sat before me was a list of house and garden chores. What? … where is all the fun horsemanship stuff? Hmmm… my list contained those naggy things…… like decluttering an overflowing clothes closet (because you bought some new riding jeans!) ordering a part for my truck, or the piles of papers that really need to be tossed or filed away. Am I to take care of those nagging responsibilities before Kimmy can go out and play? Funny how the brain works at times. Alrighty then, I created my “to-tackle” list. LOL I am in linebacker mode. This is the side effect of Sunday football playing in the background yesterday. So wouldn’t you know it, while I was decluttering the office this weekend I found the latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine- what was the headline article? “Cool, Calm, and Decluttered: 25 Ways to Pare Down and Get Organized for a Fresh New Year.” How did they know? ;)

While I was knee deep in office debris, I also realized that sometimes I can feel this way about my horsemanship goals too. Are there tasks, or areas that are calling out to be worked on first before we can get to our fun list and become in the words of BHG- cool, calm and decluttered? And don’t misunderstand, my horses and I have no problem ditching our plan for the day and have some good old fashioned fun spontaneous play. And I don’t mean that I am putting goals before principles but rather that I need to take a moment and really look at where we are at in relation to the bigger goal. Embrace where we are at instead of thinking about what we still haven’t accomplished. And begin there. Perhaps it is all these books I am reading in preparation for the 1 Star Instructor course that’s got me thinking about truth, transparency and trust, or my own desire to be super prepared and get the most out of that adventure, my old damned determined ambitious side was poking her head out! LOL. She really craves knowledge and organization. And she can sometimes be a real pill. :P

So I had to ask myself, what is hanging me up or holding me back? What am I secretly obsessing over? Ok here it is…… submitting our Level 3 Freestyle Audition. There I said it……it’s out there. I admit that I would liked that to have been done, passed, checked off by the end of 2010. I felt I had plenty of time….. ah but that was people time not my horse’s time. And my friends, there is my second confession, treating my horsemanship like a “to do” list that I was longing to check off! Good grief! I know that my horse & I have some rather important mental, emotional and physical things to sort through in regards to riding truly in free-style… the kind of free-style that I dream about …. riding bareback and bridleless ….on the beach no less. Now I know that is not part of the audition, but it is part of the pursuit of my dream. Some of the important ingredients surfaced during our Fast Track experience last June while others have been around for awhile and thankfully my mentors help me sort through them and have really given me permission to slow down and become fascinated by them. Really it’s just a little nagging feeling of falling behind the goal of the “green string”, with a bit of impatience thrown in -w
hen will I get back to the recombine part and play with our freestyle audition?

So I acknowledged that with a little re-org of my time I could satisfy my desire for more knowledge, tackle some of the more glaring organizational needs which would result in more relaxation and free up my playful imaginative side….. and then I’d be in the right attitude to start to write down my horsemanship goals, aspirations and dreams for 2011. Yes that’s right…. the first Key to Success…… Attitude. It’s the process not the product…. it’s not about the goals. LOL! The list can go on. What my friends have you learned about yourself, your attitude, your feelings, your response to writing down your goals, dreams and aspirations for the new year?

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6 Responses to Good, Better, Best, Never Let it Rest, Get your Good Better and your Better Best!

  1. Sharon says:

    I need to get better at jotting things down, not so much of a to do list, but more as a reminder.

    I am officially a level two graduate, but I achieved that with my gelding Beau. I am taking Sienna to the fast track in July and although I feel like we are pretty strong in level two and maybe doing some level three tasks, I need to go through the assessment with her to really see where we are. I have been putting it off for some reason and your post has made me think about that a little.
    I'm going to take some time to really think why I have been putting it off.


  2. JMG says:

    In readying your post I've learned that I've been keeping my head down and thinking only about what am I doing today. Haven't looked up to see out very far.
    I revel in the process but think that I hide behind that from goals. Because as I started to write this realize I do have a "secret goal" – but why is it secret? Guess its secret because I haven't either written it down or committed to it. Just have it floating around in my head possibly as a reward for being good. LOL. Good at what I don't know. But I do see that all of this dancing around in word play makes it possible for me not to commit. Because if I commit to the goal then I stand the chance of not succeeding. Think I've just come to an Oh Boy moment.

  3. Twinnie says:

    Great post – I could have written that myself…I too am beating myself up about L3 freestyle audition and I keep thinking about what I haven't achieved rather than soemtimes appreciating where I am right now with all my horses..

    The words of John Barr keep coming back to me – you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now'…

    Which books are you reading in preparation for the 1 * course?? I too am taking the 1* course in Colorado this August…

    Love the posts – thanks!


  4. ~kim says:

    Jane! Great reminder quote from John. "you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now"

    And I also liked the other one he said (may not quote it just right) "we may not teach you what you want to learn but rather what you need to learn" or something like that. Perhaps you can correct me. That would make for a great blog subject for us huh.

    I have been reading from the list that Pat gave us during a teleseminar Nov 2010. I had asked the question about what to read in prep for the instructor course and he said:
    1. Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright
    2. The Ultimate Question by Frederick F. Reichheld
    3. Zero Limits by Joe Vitale
    4. Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg

    I have read #'s 1 & 4 and then skipped to a book I saw that Linda suggested to a mastery student:
    Get the Life you Want by Richard Bandler

    Of course I also re-read Pat's PNH book and am starting to re-read Raise Your Hands if You Love Horses. I re-read these two books each year.

    How cool that you will be attending the 1 Star in August. I will get to meet you then as I will take the 2 Star Course. We are able to attend any 2* Course within that year for the training, but the 2* Rating wouldn't be officially activated until the anniversary of your 1* rating. Talk about great news for learn-aholics. LOL.

  5. Sharon says:

    The piano teacher that helped me the most was one who said about an upcoming recital: "Just make a statement of where you are." That is sooo liberating. Mom

  6. ~kim says:

    Hi Mom! ah yes … liberating…. great word for it!
    xoxoxo, ~kim

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