Ok I just HAD to share this

My younger mare Spice saw me set up my video camera the other day. I tape video of Dove & I for our monthly mentor sessions with Rachel Jessop, so Spice has come to know that this camera has my focus and has importance.

This day Spice was quite fixated on “touching” my camera. I had to shoo her way several times. When I sat down with Dove to play with bridling and had my backed turned….. well you’ll see what Spice had on her mind. LOL. I do love this horse of mine’s mind. She cracks me up EVERY day with her looks and antics and challenges me to be better.

I left the original audio so you can hear her too! Hilarious. I had to wonder if the “goods” I was giving Dove were in Spice’s head rewarding HER for investigating my camera. The world does revolve around Spice afterall.

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4 Responses to Ok I just HAD to share this

  1. Parelli Central says:

    Oh, this is hilarious. We had a good laugh here at Parelli Central!!!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
    Parelli Central

  2. ~kim says:

    Thanks Petra! I couldn't resist posting a little sunshine for our cold or rainy day.

  3. JMG says:

    What a laugh! Amazing how fixed your camera is – no wobbles no tipping with all that licking. Maybe you can do a class on how to set up a Video camera so it doesn't more LOL!

  4. ~kim says:

    Usually Spice does turn it when she investigates. I was surprised that it stayed too! Spice was stalking me and my camera that session so I wedged one leg of the tripod between the stall rails, tightened up all the knobs and crossed my fingers. However I think that it didn't move because she was being super quiet and stealthy this time. I did not know she had licked the camera until I got home!

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