A fun "Hack About" in Anderson River Park

Last Friday found Dove & I trailering up to see our friends Margie & Sunny in Red Bluff, CA. What a fantastic time we had! We spent Friday evening riding around Margie’s property. It was beautiful full of Oak trees and some of the most beautiful Manzanita trees I have seen. On Saturday we drove out to Anderson River Valley Park to find the horse trails. What an adventure that turned out to be. First we had to FIND the horse area. Ingenuity + persistence = success and soon we were saddling up our ponies for some trail fun. The trails at this park meander among the trees and along the river. Several times the trail would fork off into 3-4 other trails so of course we had fun picking different trails to see where they’d lead. Were we trying to get lost? LOL maybe just a little. At one point Dove started picking up the pace- her I am heading home pace. I thought aha girl I mixed you up we are still heading out. But just around the bend I saw that Dove was indeed correct, I recognized the trail -we were heading back toward the trailers! I declared her my homing pigeon and picked another trail in the other direction.

I could not resist taking video of our exploration of Anderson River Park.

When we arrived back on Saturday night Margie’s husband had been working on her new arena! It is to-die-for my friends. I kick myself for not getting a picture of it at night. With the lights on the trees looked magnificent surrounding the rail. It is one beautiful arena! Dove & I had the privelege to ride in it. We were trying on Sunny’s bosal so of course what better place to do so then under the lights of her new arena. That was fun. On Sunday we played in Margie’s new round pen. The sand was still quite deep, perfect for a horse who wanted to go-go-go. The horse actually made the wrong thing difficult for himself! That was intersting to watch indeed.

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2 Responses to A fun "Hack About" in Anderson River Park

  1. JMG says:

    What a great trail! Did you get a helmet cam?!?!?

  2. ~kim says:

    I was wishing I had the helmet cam on this trail ride because by the time we finished my arm and shoulder were aching from holding the camera up so long. LOL!

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